Est. 1983

Three Decades Of Luxury Homebuilding

KWC has been building custom residential  homes since 1983. For over three decades the company has been creating structures of enduring craftsmanship while striking an equitable balance between quality and cost.

Founding partner, Kurt Wimberg, retired in 2014 after years of dedicated leadership. He passed on full management responsibility to partner Jeremy Mayor. Jeremy had been a devoted employee since 1998 and continues to reinforce and strengthen the values that KWC represents as owner. Jeremy is involved in the management of all projects and takes pride in having good relationships with each client, architect, subcontractor and employee. Building is a team effort, with communication being the backbone of project efficiency. Supplying accurate estimates, schedules, accountable bills and job tracking are essential parts of this communication that clients value and appreciate.

Our company stands out  for many reasons. Some of them are:

Years of experience has allowed us to develop systems for managing construction of the highest level of custom homes. These systems have proven to increase productivity and minimize mistakes.

KWC employs its own staff of carpenters. This allows us to control building tolerances through the entire course of construction.
Our motivated, non-smoking crew pays attention to modern construction techniques. They are empowered with employee manuals that explain the philosophy and workings of our system, weekly safety meetings, peer reviews and other efforts to promote teamwork. In addition, our clean jobsites encourage efficient work and happy workers.

Our organized and efficient management of projects creates a positive work environment that attracts the highest quality subcontractors.
We take the time to create homeowner’s manuals for clients. Modern buildings with complex mechanical systems and custom features require an in depth and specific operating manual.

KWC  is motivated by pride and integrity. We have been awarded all previous jobs through referrals from satisfied clients and architects. In most cases our clients are more than willing to show their homes. Please feel free to schedule a viewing or calls to our references.